Cisco Routers, Switches and Accessories Buying Guide. 

Find Cisco Routers in Kenya through Treline Networks, We have a comprehensive inventory of Cisco routers. We can also help you find the right routers and switches from local distributors and legitimate Cisco Dealers from Dubai. If you need Cisco alternatives such as Ubiquiti Enterprise Tough Routers and Switches, Mikrotik Routers. Some of our Cisco products

KSh 38,000.00
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KSh 320,000.00
KSh 190,000.00
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Cisco Small Business Routers in Kenya

Cisco small business routers Include

  • ISR 4221
  • ISR 1000 Series
  • ISR 800 Series
  • Meraki MX Security Appliances
  • Small Business RV Series

We are going to concentrate on ISR 1000 Series and ISR 800 Series since they are best customized for small and medium business networking needs.

Cisco 1000 Series Integrated Services Routers

With Cisco 1000 Series Integrated Services Routers you are guaranteed of Reliability, security, and performance in your network.

The series 1000 series models guarantee Internet access, advanced security, and wireless services in one device. Cisco 1000 Series Integrated Services Routers (ISRs) are fixed, high-performance routers that are easy to deploy and manage. Small yet powerful, they provide highly secure broadband, Metro Ethernet, and wireless LAN connectivity.

  • Cisco 1000 series routers models include
  • Cisco 1000 series 1100-4P,
  • Cisco 1000 series 1100-4P
  • Cisco 1000 series 1101-4P

Cisco 1000 Routers Series Features and benefits

Next-generation connectivity

Get increased mobility and next-generation WAN and LAN options. Access Ethernet, DSL, 4G LTE Advanced, and 802.11ac Wi-Fi. The 1000 Series is ideal for use as customer premises equipment.

Increased Performance.

Meet the demand for more bandwidth without more budget. The router’s multicore architecture leverages higher data-plane performance, enabling high availability for network services.

Integrated enterprise-class security

Gain enterprise-class security and a highly secure WAN. Cisco Umbrella, Encrypted Traffic Analytics, and advanced threat defense provide high-performance encryption, VPN, firewall, and URL filtering.

Advanced wireless LAN

Enjoy wireless LAN capability at the branch, in a single box, that can run with or without a controller. Our 1000 Series integrates 802.11ac Wave 2 wireless with Cisco Mobility Express as an access point in every router.

Easy management and deployment

Use one operating system for consistency and visibility across all branch offices and remote sites. The 1000 Series is the first fixed-configuration router with Cisco’s trusted IOS XE software.

Cisco 800 Series Routers

Do you have limited space, but need best-in-class routing, voice and video, security, application performance, cloud connection, and wireless capabilities? Cisco 800 Series routers offer all that in a single device. They are well suited for customer premises and priced for small and midsize businesses.

Cisco 890 Integrated Services Routers

Cisco 890 Routers Features

  • Ready for Cisco Intelligent WAN
  • Switch and router in one device
  • Run multiple applications simultaneously
  • High-performance, high-application experience
  • Support for 802.11a/b/g/n and 4G LTE

Cisco 880 Integrated Services Routers

  • Connectivity for up to 20 users
  • WAN redundancy with 3G and 4G options
  • Excellent for PBX and IP telephony voice support
  • Enhanced security and wireless options

Cisco 860 Integrated Services Routers

  • Connectivity for up to 10 users
  • Desktop form factor and fanless design
  • WAN connectivity with VADSL or Ethernet
  • Wi-Fi for integrated WAN or Wi-Fi at home

Cisco 810 Integrated Services Routers

  • Hardened and nonhardened form factors
  • Lightweight, compact, low power consumption
  • Dual-SIM option for always-on connectivity
  • For machine-to-machine use cases

Cisco 800M Integrated Services Router

  • Integrated security and application services
  • Choice of wireless WAN services and providers
  • High-availability multihoming and dual WAN ports
  • Application hosting capability

Cisco 800 Series Integrated Services Routers Features and benefits

Diverse WAN connectivity

Enable a variety of WAN connections, including xDSL, Ethernet, 3G/4G LTE, and fiber. The series offers a range of performance levels to meet your needs.

Full-service branch platform

Get voice, video, wireless, and data in one integrated router and switch. This desktop form factor is priced affordably for small and midsize businesses.

Enterprise-class security

Encryption, VPN, firewall, and URL filtering are all built in. These security features help you protect your customer experience and data.

Simplified management

Easily manage the 800 Series with drag-and-click interfaces on your premises or with third-party web-based applications.

Cisco Switches

Get scalable, secure network switches with exceptional intelligence.Switches are constantly learning, constantly adapting, constantly protecting. Build a foundation for extraordinary outcomes in your data center, core, or edge. This is the new era in intent-based networking.

Find the right switch for your network. Cisco switches have integrated security to help you address threats now and in the future. Simplify management of your evolving requirements for mobility, Internet of Things (IoT), data center, and cloud.

With Cisco switches you can Power your network, Simplify your network and  Add Security to your network.

Cisco has reinvented networking by designing intuitive networks that dramatically simplify operations and continuously optimize to meet business outcomes. In a world that is always changing, we create dynamic networks that constantly learn, constantly adapt, and constantly protect. This new era of networking is powered by intent and informed by context, with security embedded throughout.

Choosing the right switch is your networking needs.

Cloud Managed Switches

Do you have a lean IT staff? A cloud-managed switch can simplify your network management. You get a simple user interface, multisite full-stack management, and automatic updates delivered directly to the switch.

  • Meraki MS120-8 is a Cloud-managed, compact switch with integrated mounting.
  • Meraki MS120  is a Cloud-managed switch with multiple power options.
  • Meraki MS210 is a Cloud-managed, stackable 1G switch, MS225-compatible.
  • Meraki MS225 is a Cloud-managed, stackable 10G switch, MS210-compatible.

On-device Managed

Go with an on-premise managed switch. It’s also a good option if your compliance regulations bar cloud applications, or if your network experts prefer customized device management.

  • Catalyst 2960-L
  • Catalyst 2960-X
  • Catalyst 3650

Managed and Unmanaged

Do you need tighter control of your network traffic? A managed switch gives you the ability to configure and monitor your LAN. If you want to connect multiple networks, you want a managed switch with Layer 2 or Layer 3 capabilities.

110 Series Unmanaged Switches  Delivers fast Ethernet and gigabit switching.

250 Series Smart Switches is a  Solid business network switch with a suite of features at a great value.

350X Series Stackable Managed Switches with advanced security

550X Series Stackable Managed Switches support Stacking capability of up to 8 units and 400 ports in a single stack.