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Tronik is an online shop that specializes in selected electronics, From networking Equipment to Office Electrical appliances. We deal in quality brand new products. We are dealer in the products listed on the website, We work with kenyan Established  Suppliers, Dealers and resellers of Networking, Telephone, Computing,  Power and Electrical, Electronics, Telephone and Security Equipment in Kenya, specializing in Trading in  a diverse range of  products, we stock  all  your favorite Products.

Tronik Shop Guarantees fast order processing,  Same-Day Shipping on all orders .

Some of the products that we deal include ; Ethernet Cables and Patch Codes, fiber cables, Media converters and Patch Cords , Fiber Patch Panels, Networking Data Cabinets  and Server rack Data Cabinets. Security Equipment  such as Alarms, Door Barrier gates,  , Ethernet Cables, Telephony Equipment, Point of Sale POS Equipment and Much more.

Networking Cabling are at the core of creating an efficient and effective Networking the cabling network infrastructure that goes hand in hand with the needs of your business. Having the ideal cabling solution and Network Infrastructure can be costly at the beginning but will save you in the long term.

Ideal Ethernet cabling supports up to three generation. Before selecting your LAN cable type, it is necessary to consider the type of network you want to establish and the length of time that you might use the network
Tronik will enable you to determine the cabling infrastructure. For instance, when setting up and simple office server room with simple office networking you might need cables that are easy to bend and work with, if you are doing network cabling in short distances between your office computers and Server rooms then cat 5e and Cat 6a cables are ok.

But, when doing industrial cabling where tough cables are needed, the cat 6 shielded cables and Outdoor Ethernet Cables are advisable, the cat 6e and Cat 6a SFTP and UTP Outdoor  shielded heavy duty cable offer extra guaranteed protection and prevent damage from hazardous materials and from EMI-Electromagnetic interference. Hence helping you have a steady and stable network.

Tronik Kenya is available if you need to hire the right IT professional team and you will need to budget for the ideal infrastructural expenses. The cabling system generally represents a small percent of the whole network budget. Setup is usually labor intensive and difficult. Thus, you will require understanding of the various forms of cables for you to prepare for your enterprise objectives and goals. Tronik prides in that.
Cabling System

Cat 5 Ethernet cabling systems
Category 5 was the standard used back in 1995. You plan to advance the technology; your requirements will dictate what to choose from.
Cat5e Cable Ethernet Cables
This cable allows speed and power of any infrastructure or type of internet it works with. Cable with faster speed won’t add up on the internet if your infrastructure is slower.
Most of the buildings use Cat5e, 2001 standard. This cable reduces signal and noise interference thus increasing the transfer rate.

Cat 6 Cable Ethernet Cables
Category 6 cable is recommended since it has an augmented design to make the transmission frequency double. The cabling equipment go hand in hand with Gigabit speed up to a length of hundred meters. This is similar to STP that will reduce the crosstalk. This cable can be used to upgrade to a new facility in the near future. Cat 6 has been around since 2002.

Category 6a (Cat6a) Ethernet Lan Cables
Cat6a cable has a unique design that doubles the transmission rate to 500 MHz. The cabling equipment supports Gigabit speed.

Category 7 (Cat7) Ethernet LAN Cables in Kenya
Designed for Gigabit Ethernet. It offers higher speed with lower crosstalk for longer distance. Many enterprises still see no need of putting their infrastructure up to date to the cat 7 cabling

Fiber Optic Cabling systems, Patch cords and Etc
The fiber cables are used to connect network infrastructure, floors, building and homes. However, it is not ideal for whole network wiring. It consists of hairline components derived from molten silica glass. These cables are not like other normal cables.

Tronik Kenya has a team of IT professional who offers cabling infrastructure solution for your specific company needs.We are the leading online suppliers, dealers and resellers of Network cables in Nairobi Kenya. We also ship to all East African countries, namely Uganda, Tanzania, Somalia, Ethiopia, Sudan and Rwanda[/vc_column_text][/vc_tta_section][/vc_tta_tabs][/vc_column][/vc_row]