Treline Networks Ethernet cables E-Catalog. All LAN Cable categories: Cat5e Cat6a Cat6e cat 7a indoor and outdoor cables

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D-Link Cat 5e UTP 305 M D-Link 5000 Order D-Link Cat 5e Online
Aico Cat 5e UTP 305 M Aico 4800 Order Aico Cat 5e online
HST Cat 5e UTP HST HST 4,500 Order Cat 5e HST Online
Cat 5e Outdoor HST 8,500 Order  HST 5e Outdoor online
Cat 6a, Cat 6e
D-link Cat 6e UTP Bare copper   D-Link 6,300 Order D-Link Cat 6e UTP 305 M online
Aico Cat 6e UTP Cable U Aico 6,200 Order  Aico Cat 6e online
AD-Link  Cat 6e AD-Link 5,500 Order AD-Link Cat 6e online
Ease-Net Cat 6e, Blue / Grey   Ease-Net 6,000 Order  EaseNet Cat 6e online
EaseNet Full copper 305  m Ease-Net 11,500 Order Online
EaseNet Full copper  500 m Ease-Net 16,500 Order Online
EaseNet Full copper 305M Outdoor Ease-Net 11,500 Order EaseNet Outdoor 305M Online
D- Link Cat 6e Full copper indoor D-Link 12,500 Order D-Link 6a Online
Giganet Cat 6e UTP Giganet 13,500 Order online
Giganet Cat 6e UTP Outdoor Giganet 16,000 Order online
Giganet Cat  SFTP CAT 6a Giganet 19,600 Order online
Siemon Full copper cat 6e Siemon 14,500 Order online
Siemon cat 6a Full copper SFTP Siemon 19,500 Order online
HST Full copper SFTP Triple Shielded Outdoor HST 12,500 Order online
Dahua Full Copper UTP Indoor Dahua 12,000 Order online

Ethernet cables are usually divided into different categories as indicated in their name. The word Cat stands for Category and the higher the digit, the better the quality of the cable since it has less interference, higher bandwidth speeds, etc.

Cat 5e applications are becoming obsolete as the world continues to improve the demand for faster and internet speeds. The Cat6e, Cat6a, Cat7 and Cat8. Let’s take you through the ranks:

Category Shielding Max Transmission Speed (at 100 meters) Max Bandwidth
Cat5 Unshielded 10/100 Mbps 100 MHz
Cat5e Unshielded 1,000 Mbps / 1 Gbps 100 MHz
Cat6e Shielded or Unshielded 1,000 Mbps / 1 Gbps 250 MHz
Cat6a Shielded 10,000 Mbps / 10 Gbps 500 MHz
Cat7 Shielded 10,000 Mbps / 10 Gbps 600 MHz
Cat7a Shielded 10,000 Mbps/10 Gbps 1,000Mhz



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