Access Control Power Supply

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12V 5A/7A Universal power supply for door access control system with backup Battery interface

Access Control Power Supply12V 7Ah Battery / 12V 5A

12V 5A Universal power supply for door access control system with backup Battery interface

 12V 7Ah Battery; Battery size is about: 151mm*65mm*100mm

Functions and features

1. Input voltage AC100 – 260V frequency 50-60 HZ;
2. Good insulation, high voltage and low 1500 V AC / 1 minute without interference.
3. Adjustable output voltage DC11.5 V – 13.5 V (accordingly
Remote wiring, to make the electric key not work, On
this time it can adjust the high voltage); Output
current: 5A;4. Ripple voltage orless 50 mv Upp;
5. Short-circuit protection (flow) is a short circuit will be automatically disconnected,
When troubleshooting, it will automatically return to normal. ) Overheating, over-voltage protection;
6. Reverse polarity protection of the battery (the battery only leads to burning the fuse, not damaging the power supply.)
7. 1A charging current, charging when the battery voltage is t0 13.5V, charging stops full, has an LED to charge the power indicator. 4 hours with a 12 v / 7 battery;
8. Protection of battery over-discharge (in the battery process when the battery voltage is lower than 9.5 V, automatically Remove the battery, to protect the data loss of the access control engine and callers can charge quickly).
9. Power supply and battery time is 10 ms, completely uninterruptible power supply.
10. Equipped with a battery control button B (pictu red), an easy installation test.
11. There is a remote control, open the door for 15 seconds, comfortably equipped with a remote control to open the door. Electric lock output sets NC, NO, this can be adjusted with any electric lock.

CONTROL is a set of active signal input (DC5-24 v) and internal isolation, can take at the same time More than one entrance guard controller and communication.
Any entrance guard controller, as long as you have it, all problems can be solved. It can also be used as power supply for other equipment, such as alarms, monitoring, etc.

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