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Aclas KRA approved  ETR Machines  for use in issuing ETR Receipts 

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  1. Switch on the device
  2. Ensure you have the sales mode display 0
  3. Key in amount( should always be VAT inclusive where applicable)
  4. Press one of the VAT keys(DP1)/5=16%, DP2/6=0%,DP3/7=EXEMPT)
  5. Press SBTL key to confirm the amount in transaction
  6. To send a transaction, press the CASH key: the device issues a fiscal receipt.

To correct errors

This can only be done before pressing the CASH key… It is therefore advisable to press the SUBT  key before the CASH one for confirmation.  Press on the SHIFT key then   EC/VOID    key to cancel receipt completely then start afresh





This is where you get the total sales for the day. it should be done at the end of the day when you have transacted.

there is no need to do this if you have not done any sales in the day.

Steps in issuing a Daily Z-Report

  • press C then press clerk
  • Scroll using CLERK the button until Z mode
  • Press CASH
  • Input the password i.e 0000 then press CASH
  • Shows Daily Z press CASH again


  • press C then press clerk
  • Scroll using CLERK the button until Z mode
    Press CASH
  • Input the password i.e 0000 then press CASH
  • Using  CLERK scroll to get Fiscal report, PRESS CASH
  • Using CLERK scroll to get summary
  • Press CASH until it shows (from date), PRESS CASH again
  • Input date e.g (010311310311) for the monthly report of March i.e 01 March 2011 to 31 March 2011 beginning date and end date together without any spacing, then CASH
  • Device issues the monthly report



Aclas Machines are the best and most simple ETR Machines in the Kenya market for use in issuing ETR Receipts today to add to use in processing KRA Transactions at your point of sale.

The Aclas CRBX ETR Machine is suitable for use in any industry or filed and  meets all requirements by Kenya Revenue Authority hence a KRA approved ETR machine

The ETR Machine is Portable and can be table mount at a Weight of just 550g. a classy LCD  Display, and keypad of 68 Alphanumeric LCD

The ETR Receipt Printer machine uses a standalone rechargeable Battery Type: Li-ion  Efficient power supply management guarantees 8-hour stand by time.

Features and specifications of the ETR Machine Printer

Weight of the KRA ETR Machine 550g
Display, Backlit Keypad, and Screen Display 68 Alphanumeric LCD
Battery Type and Li-ion with up 8hrs
Model of the machine CRBX,
What’s in the Box ETR machine, charger, user guide
Warranty of the ETR Printer 12 months
ETR Color machine Gray, Black
Brand ACLAS ETR Machines
Quality, Newness Brand New

Ease of use and simple installation

The Atlas CRBX ETR Machine is one of the best in the market in terms of ease of use. It is simple to use and is easily installed.

The ETR Printer Machine manual is simple and it enables you to program Machine.

Tronik Offers training on how to generate ETR Receipts and how to do KRA documentation is done.

ACLAS is the best retailing brand used worldwide at points of Sale and currently, the best selling  KRA Approved ETR currently in Kenya.

 Aclas CRBX is GPRS ready making it easy to integrate with  Upcoming KRA Systems Updates c

Some of the best functionality Features of the AClas Machines

  • Very good quality and last long print without fading.
  • Long-lasting internal battery printing up to 600 receipts before recharge.
  • Compact and Handheld Therefore easy to use in the field, used with a cash drawer, 
  • It can be programmed to deduct catering and service charge in the hotel industry
  •  Aclas CRBX ETR Machine allows correction of  errors in case of a mistake
  • , Can easily provide a duplicate of the ETR Receipt or reprintable to reprint an earlier receipt in case it gets lost.


Order the Aclas CRBX ETR Machine from KRA ETR Approved Machines Dealers in Nairobi.

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