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Cat 6 Ethernet Cables Shop in Kenya

Ethernet Cables shop and dealers in Nairobi Kenya, Tronik networking Solutions.

In this article,s we explore the different ethernet cables in the Kenyan market, we exploit the major differences in the networking cables, and how to know what is best for you to use in any networking project.

Before, we get on with it, here  are some of the  cat  E5e, cat6a, cate ethernet Cables that we deal in

KSh 6,700.00
KSh 11,800.00
KSh 6,500.00
KSh 7,000.00


Outdoor cat5e cable 305 Meters

KSh 9,000.00
KSh 4,000.00
KSh 6,300.00
KSh 5,000.00
KSh 24,000.00
KSh 11,500.00
KSh 15,500.00
KSh 18,500.00
KSh 15,500.00
KSh 22,500.00
KSh 19,500.00
KSh 21,500.00


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