48 Port Patch Panel , Cat 6 2U

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48 Port CAT6 Rack Mount Patch Panel – 2U 

Cat6 patch panels are networking equipment which allows you to organize, route and identify networking cables.

They connect incoming and outgoing network lines. They accept up to 48 Cat6 cables. On the front of the patch panel you can plugin a standard RJ45 Ethernet cable. The rear of the patch panel accepts solid Cat6 cable. The patch panels are rated for Cat6 networking speeds, UL approved to assure the highest quality and can handle data or voice transmissions.

This, 48 port Cat6 patch panel, fits in a standard 19 inch rack or wall mount bracket. On the front of the panel, you will notice that each port is numbered and contains a label. This allows you to easily identify lines and equipment. The rear of the panel has 110 type punchdown terminators. This allows you to connect bulk cable by punching down the lines. On the back, the printed color code helps you punch down in the right order. Finally, numeric labels help you match the right port on the back to the right jack on the front.

If you are looking for a 48 port Cat6 patch panel that will provide high bandwidth networking in your home or office, then ECore cables has what you need.

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