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Get quality, Toshiba 1TB, 2TB Hard disks in Kenya. The USB connected Hardisks enable you to have data backup. You can also have a memory storage for limitless photos and videos, downloading movies, music and podcasts.

External and Internal Hard drives give you a range of ways to store and back-up your data, safely and securely.
External Hard Drives at Tronik Electronics shop devices can be plugged into your computer via USB, making it easy to transfer files across in a matter of minutes. Our external hard drives range from 1TB to 3TB.
We stock smaller storage solutions like USB flash drives, ideal for transferring smaller files between computers.

Choose portable hard drives that plug in via USB or fire-wire for fast transfers of even the largest files. Our range of hard drives includes all of the leading names in reliable data storage, including Seagate, WD and Toshiba.

KSh 1,300.00