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The USB Flash Drives help you have an Instant memory storage of documents and media in your pocket. USB flash drives are a favorite are the ultimate in portable data storage.

USB Flash drives are Small enough to fit on your key ring
We have memory storage from a wide range of manufacturer such as Scan Disk, Toshiba Flash Disks, HP Flash Drives and much more

USB flash drives use flash memory to store and transfer data between devices that are fitted with USB ports. Music, photos, and videos, personal and business files – you can access them all wherever you need them.

Our USB Flash Drives are ultra-portable, tiny and lightweight enough to carry anywhere, our range of USB Flash Drives range from are available in a range of capacities, from 8GB to 64GB to 132 GB too.

You can choose from USB 2.0 drives that transfer even large video files in flash, or USB 3.0 drives that perform even faster.