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The updated patch panels list


ACP 48 Port Patch Panel cat6e RJ45 7500
Optronics 24 Port Patch Panel cat6e RJ45 5000
Optronics 48 Port Patch Panel cat6e RJ45 8000
Aico 24 Port Patch Panel cat6e RJ45 4800
Aico 48 Port Patch Panel cat6e RJ45 8500
D-Link 24 Port Patch Panel cat6e RJ45 6500
D-Link 48 Port Patch Panel cat6e RJ45 9500
Easenet 48 Port Patch Panel cat6e RJ45
Giganet 24 Port Patch Panel cat6e RJ45 6500
Giganet 48 Port Patch Panel cat6e RJ45 9000
Siemon 24 Port Patch Panel cat6e RJ45 12000
Siemon 24 Port Patch Panel cat6e RJ45 22000
ACP 24 Port Patch Panel cat6e RJ45 4000
Easenet 24 Port Patch Panel cat6e RJ45 4500


48 / 24ports cat6 unshielded patch panel, great for Gigabit Ethernet network applications, connects 24 RJ45 ports to a network.

They are built with 50μ Gold-Plated Contact Pin– high oxidation resistance and contact performance. Ensure stable and high-speed transmission of data.

Great material-high strength poly-carbonate line column and phosphor bronze wire clip, solid and durable, providing excellent contacts and transmission performance.

Anti-dust cap can prevent water and dust eroding the gold-plated contact pin. Cable management bar structure releases cable strain and reduce cable clutter.

Cat6 UTP 19-inch 1U Patch Panel

Ideal solution for Ethernet, Fast Ethernet and Gigabit applications

Prepare yourself for Copper Gigabit Ethernet with Cat 6 UTP Patch Panel.

This patch panel is certified for 250 MHz Category 6, which are perfect for Copper Gigabit Ethernet connections.

Our 24-port Cat 6 Patch Panel is ideal for Ethernet, Fast Ethernet and Copper Gigabit Ethernet (1000Base-T) network applications.

Using Cat 6 products now, will prepare you for the high bandwidth network in the future without re-cabling your network.

  • Black painted steel panel
  • 24-port CAT6 patch panel
  • Color coded wiring diagram on back
  • Compliant with ANSI/TIA/EIA 586 B.2
  • White blanks for easy labeling and identification

Cat5e Enhanced Patch Panel 110Type 24 ports (568A/B Compatible)

High quality, easy to use

This professional UL listed Cat5e network patch panel adds 24 Ethernet ports in a 1U form factor to your equipment rack. The panel is constructed of steel and fits into a standard 19″ wide equipment rack with 1U height.

The 24 Cat5e Ethernet jacks are numbered and are designed for use with a 110 Type punch-down tool.

The jacks can be wired for the TIA-568A or B standards and a color-coded wiring diagram is included on the back of the panel.

Each port can be labeled using the white label space provided on the front of the panel. The panel includes mounting screws, zip ties, and a basic punch-down tool.

Basics of structured cabling

A structured cabling is a complete system of wireless, copper or fiber cabling and associated hardware such as routers, switches, Access points, Computers, Servers, Data points, Telephones that provides a comprehensive telecommunications and computing infrastructure.

The Telecommunications and Computing infrastructure can serves a wide range of uses, such as to telephone service, Office networking, Provide internet or just data transmission through a LAN computer network.

Every structured cabling system can be unique this is possible due to variations in architectural structure of the building, which houses the cabling installation the choice of structured cabling products  and connection hardware. Other Things that can make the type of structured cabling unique include;

  • The cable and connection products,
  • The use of the cabling installation,
  • The types of equipment the cabling installation will support — present and future;
  • The configuration of an already installed system (upgrades and retrofits);
  • Customer requirements; and Manufacturer warranties.

The global cabling industry accepts the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), in conjunction with TIA/EIA, as the standard practice when installing and maintaining Networks

The benefits of having a standardized way of doing installation include;

  • Consistency of network design and installation;
  • Makes the existing networks conform to the new ones

Creating Local Area Networks for Office

LAN is the industry standard term for a network installation that serves a relatively small area (such as a structured cabling installation serving a building) is a local area network (LAN). There are also metropolitan area networks (MANs) and wide area networks (WANs).

TDK Solutions Limited  Structured cabling installations typically include: entrance facilities; vertical and horizontal backbone pathways; vertical and horizontal backbone cables; horizontal pathways; horizontal cables; work area outlets; equipment rooms; telecommunications closets; cross-connect facilities; multi-user telecommunications outlet assemblies (MUTOA); transition points; and consolidation points.

Network Cabling Equipment and & Accessories

Structured cabling set up and design is governed by a set of standards that specify installations for data centers, Local Area Networks , Wide area networks , offices, and apartment buildings for both data or voice communications using various kinds of Ethernet cables, most commonly category 5e (CAT5e), category 6 (CAT6a/e) Ethernet cables , and fiber optic cabling and modular connectors.

Typically the main Network Equipment such as Routers, Switches, PBX, etc. is store in a central location in a set up data room with rack and Server Cabinets.

The cables that connect to different data and voice points are terminated at a central location   using a central patch panel (which is normally 19 inch rack-mounted for most Network Installations in Kenya. ),from where each modular connection can be used as needed.

Each outlet is then patched into a network switch (normally also rack-mounted) for network use or into an IP or PBX (private branch exchange) telephone system patch panel. With a correctly installed cable system your requirements of today and of tomorrow will be catered for and whatever hardware you choose to add will be supported.


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