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Siemon cat6A UTP and a cat6e STP Network cabling solutions in Kenya

Siemon is a trusted international brand for building High quality, high performance IT and structured cabling infrastructure solutions for Data Centers, Local Area Networks and Intelligent Buildings, including copper and fiber cabling solutions. At TDK Solutions Limited, we have a wide range of Siemon cat6 UTP and Siemon Cat 6a STP Network equipment

You can shop for Siemon networking products in Kenya from Tdk Siemon Store-based In Nairobi CBD- Kimathi Street. The wider range of Siemon cat 6 UTP

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Network Equipment

24 Port Siemon Patch Panel

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Siemon (Cat 6/6A UTP unshielded twisted pair). FTP shielded cable

Siemon’s Category 6/6A FUTP/UTP System features the highest performance margins across all critical transmission parameters, the fastest, easiest and most reliable termination process

Siemon Cat 6/6A UTP/FTP modules connectors

Siemon Cat6/6A keystone jacks and Data Modules are well-engineered for network terminations, these helps terminate to eliminate errors that lead to delays during network infrastructure set up and rework. Siemon sets the very best UTP and shielded category 6A termination speed and consistency.

Siemon Cat 6/6A UTP/FTP patch cords

Siemon Cat 6/6A FTP/UTP patch cord offers well designed and engineered factory patched innovative approach to connecting IP-enabled systems… Computer Networks, data centers, and data cabinet smart cabling, the patch cords come in lengths of 1m, 2m, 3m, 5m, specifically to deliver custom-length cables that can be terminated on site for quick direct connections

Siemon Cat 6/6A 24/48 port patch panel

Siemon Cat 6/6A 24/48 port patch panel offers user-friendly termination, labeling, and robust cable management features with Siemon’s popular HD 6 patch panel. The 1u Patch panels and are suitable for use with any type of 19-inch data cabinets. The patch panels are easy to terminate, easy. Siemon offers several innovative category 6 patch cord options for use with the Z-MAX and MAX 6 systems, as well as factory terminated and tested copper trunking assemblies for faster deployment scenarios to label and to work with.

Siemon power distribution unit (PDU)

Siemon offers power extension cables, manufactured under Powermax branding. The powermax   PDUs range from basic and metered for simple and cost-effective power distribution, to a full line of intelligent PDUs that deliver real-time power information with varying degrees

Siemon Data cabinet and Rackmount, Server racks and open frame data cabinets

Shop for quality Siemon data cabinets at the pocket-friendly process in Kenya form TDK Siemon dealers in Kenya.  Network installers and structured cabling in Kenya and most data center solutions are built on Siemon network Cabinets.

Siemon data cabinet saves valuable floor space while providing a cost-effective means to secure and protect network equipment from dust, tampering and other hazards. The network data cabinets are designed with excellent cable management features.

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Siemon networking products catalog highlights

1.      Siemon cat6a/cat6e 24port/48port patch panel

Buy 48/24 port Siemon CAT 6A 10G patch panel for data cabinets network and structured cabling network infrastructure.

48/24 port Siemon CAT 6A 10G patch panel is built to deliver gigabit speeds and cabling frequency of 500 MHz – 250 MHz the patch panels exceed category 6 connecting hardware specifications for all pair combinations up to 250 MHz

Most network installers use 48/24 port Siemon CAT 6A 10G patch panel because it gives revolutionary performance and user-friendly termination, labeling, and cable management feature with Siemon popular HD 6 patch panel.

Why use Siemon cat6a patch panels

Emerging, high bandwidth services and the adoption of higher speed Ethernet standards, like Gigabit Ethernet and now 10 Gigabit Ethernet, are creating an environment where Internet Protocol (IP) and the delivery of advanced IP services like Voice over IP, IP videoconferencing and IP-based security are becoming common applications. Increasingly, voice, data and video networks are being converged onto a single infrastructure and the demand for reliability

Quality of Service (QoS) has never been greater. A reliable high-performance structured cabling system, built to handle these bandwidth-intensive applications, is the fundamental asset required to enable today’s leading organizations to increase productivity and sales while decreasing operational costs.

Specifically, a structured cabling system capable of delivering 10 GB/s services is the minimum requirement to ensure future compatibility with emerging services. To this end, The Siemon Company has created the 10G IP cabling Systems

48/24 port Siemon CAT 6A 10G patch panel Specification

  • HD 6 Patch Panels feature universal wiring for both T568A and T568B applications.
  • Modular outlets are FCC CFR 47 part 68 subpart F and IEC 60603-7 compliant and have 50 micro inch gold plated contacts
  • Black anodized panels can be mounted directly to an EIA standard 19-inch relay rack or cabinet
  • The front surface is uninterrupted by screw heads for a clean appearance
  • Icon label holders and designation labels included

You can buy Siemon 24 Port and 48 Port Patch panel in Kenya at discounted prices, Click the link to check out the price for Siemon 48 port patch panel and Siemon 48 Category 6 patch panel

2. Siemon Cat 6A/cat6e 10G Faceplates and Keystone Jacks (Modules)

Siemon Cat 6A 10G Faceplates and data keystone jacks  Combine exceptional category 6A performance with best-in-class termination time, Cat 6A 10G Faceplate and  Module outlet is a vital part of an end-to-end Z-MAX 6A UTP cabling system.

Cat 6A 10G Faceplate Module exceeds all applicable industry standards, including ANSI/TIA-568-C.2 and Amendments 1 and 2 of ISO/IEC 11801 2nded.

Siemon Cat 6A 10G Faceplate and keystone modules offer exceptional performance is achieved through Z-MAX’s innovative termination process using Z-tool termination technology, Zero-Cross termination module, and unique diagonal IDC alignment for alien cross-talk control and advanced tuning capabilities in conjunction with the patented PCB-based smart plug technology integrated into Z-MAX patch cords.

Siemon Cat 6A 10G Faceplates and keystone module specifications

  • Robust glass-reinforced nylon housing provides durability
  • Terminates in as little as 60 seconds using the Z-Tool
  • Outlets are available in a wide range of colors and mount in MAX faceplates and accessories. Keystone version also available
  • Pass-thru feature allows mounting from either side of a faceplate
  • Optional spring-loaded door minimizes exposure to dust and other containments.
  • Zero-cross termination module accelerates lacing and eliminates pair crossing
  • Rapid connection of cable jacket strain relief via an integrated hinged metal clip

Siemon 10G Standards Compliance

  • ANSI/TIA-568-C.2
  • ISO/IEC 11801 2nd and Amendment 1
  • ETL Tested
  • IEEE 802.3an
  • IEEE 802.3af (Type 1)
  • IEEE 802.3at (Type 2)
  • IEEE 802.3bt (Type 3 and 4)
  • ANSI/TIA 1096-A
  • IEC 60603-7-4
  • IEC 60512-99-001 (3rd party verified)

3.     Siemon Category 6A/6e 10G Ethernet patch cord specification

Siemon Cat 6A/6e 10G network cables and patch cord combine the unparalleled performance of an exclusive PCB-based plug,  the Ethernet cable is manufactured to be noise-resistant shielded construction and a host of innovative user-friendly features,

Siemon Cat 6A/6e shielded Z-MAX 6A modular cords are the ultimate Category 6A cord. All cords are 100% factory-tested to ensure performance and compliance.

Siemon Cat 6A/6e 10G patch cord provide the final component necessary to construct a category 6A shielded channel solution for harsh environments when used in conjunction with Siemon’s category 6A shielded cable and category 6A compatible shielded ruggedized outlets.

Cat 6A/6e Siemon 10G patch cord cable assemblies are constructed using standard category 7A S/FTP CM/LS0H cordage. While the cordage does not feature specific ruggedized properties, it is ideal for providing a 10 GB/s solution in ruggedized commercial environments where durability and protection against contamination and/or EMI/RFI are required.

Siemon Cat 6A/6e 10G patch cord specification

  • High-Performance Cable – Patch cords feature Category 7 S/FTP stranded cable for optimal transmission performance while eliminating alien cross-talk
  • Low Profile Boot Design – Optimizes side stackability of patch cords and allows use in even the densest patching environments
  • Integrated PCB – PCB equipped Smart Plug optimizes signal tuning for exceptional transmission
  • Fixed Front Contacts – Ensure proper mating with outlets to eliminate the performance variability of traditional crimp-style terminations
  • Superior Performance Consistency – Rear contacts maintain cable twist to point of termination and provide robust strain relief. Solderless, press-fit contact technology ensures long-term reliability
  • Cantilevered Latch – Allows latch activation from further back on the boot for superior accessibility in high-density environments

4. Cat6 Siemon UTP 305M Ethernet Cable

Siemon Cat 6 UTP Pure Copper Ethernet Cable 305M best price from

Cat6 Siemon UTP 305M Ethernet Cable features a discontinuous foil construction which enables a typical UTP installation process and smaller cable diameter while providing improved heat dissipation and virtually zero alien cross talk.

Siemon Cat 6 UTP cable is ideal for supporting applications using both remote powering and 10 Gb/s application speeds such as IEEE 802.11ac Siemon Category 6 UTP trunking cable assemblies with Z-MAX or MAX modules are factory terminated and tested for high performance and clearly labeled for proper orientation.

Siemon cat 6 UTP cable offers both the MAX® Category 6 and Z-MAX® Category 6 Systems for multiple levels of performance to either meet or exceed ISO/IEC and TIA connecting hardware and channel performance specifications for use in 10/100/1000BASE-T applications.

Cat6 Siemon UTP 305M Ethernet Cable specifications

  • IEC 61156-5 Ed 2.0 certifications
  • 1000BASE-T support
  • 57mm (0.023 in.) 23 AWG solid bare copper
  • Suitable for LAN networks, CCTV Installation and Voice.
  • The CAT6 UTP Cable supports Gigabit Ethernet
  • PE insulation
  • FR PVC Jacket
  • Operates at a bandwidth up to 100 Mhz.
  • Comply with Cat5e specifications
  • 4-pair shielded twisted pair (UTP) cable

Siemon Cat 6A Ethernet Cables 305 Meters SFTP

Siemon Cat 6A Ethernet Cables 305 Meters SFTP Combines consistent best-in-class performance, Siemon Cat 6A has unparalleled usability and speed of termination with the security and robust noise immunity of a shielded cabling system,

Siemon Cat 6A shielded end-to-end solution represents the cutting edge of category 6A cabling.

Siemon’s Cat 6A F/UTP cable supports channel performance exceeding ANSI/TIA-568-C.2 and ISO/IEC 11801 Class EA requirements.

When combined with Siemon’s Z-MAX 6A shielded connectivity, the result is a channel capable of supporting 10GBASE-T operation over 100-metre, 4-connector topologies. In addition, the screened construction ensures virtually zero alien crosstalk.

The Category 6A F/UTP cabling system supports emerging and converging IP applications like Voice Over IP (VoIP), IP video, remote powering and future 10Gbps applications.


  • Voice/Data network and high-speed video
  • CCTV IP Megapixel installations
  • Wireless networks
  • Applications Power Over Ethernet IEEE 802.3af and 802.3at
  • Applications in 10BASE-T, 100BASE-T, 1000BASE-T and 10GBASE-T

Siemon’s Cat 6A F/UTP cable specification

  • Performance: Certified up to 328 feet
  • Color: Gray
  • Conductor: Solid copper 23 AWG
  • Outer jacket: PVC (CM)
  • Build: F/UTP
  • Maximum tension: 110N
  • Temperature: 32 ~ 140 °F in installation. -4 ~ 167 °F in storage and -4 ~ 167 °F in operation.
  • Frequency: 500MHz

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