Wall mounted data cabinets. 4U,6U,9U,12U

Wall Mount Data Cabinets Solutions

Wall Mount Data Cabinets  4U, 6U, 9U, 12U, 15U, 18U,

Tronik Data Cabinets Solutions shop in Nairobi Kenya offers wall mount data cabinets   (Supplied with Glass Door, Shelf/ Data Cabinets trays  The data cabinet are stocked from top Structured cabling manufacturers such as Giganet, Extra Link, APS, EaseNet, Totten,  ACP and More

Applications of Wall Mountable data cabinets

These wall mount cabinets are ideal for cable and small LAN installations and are available in a range of heights and depths as well as adjustable 19″ profiles.

The wall mount racks are available with fixed side panels and a glass front door.

Wall Mount Data Cabinets Sizes and Prices

4 U – 530 X 350 X 300 Cabinet Fans, 4. Way PDU 6,500.00
6 U- 600 X 600 + 1.Cabinet Fan, 4.Way PDU,  1.Tray 8,500.00
6 U- 600 X 450 1.Cabinet Fan, 4.Way PDU,  1.Tray 10,500.00
9 U- 600 X 600 1.Cabinet Fan, 4.Way PDU,  1.Tray 15,000.00
9 U- 600 X 450 1.Cabinet Fan, 4.Way PDU,  1.Tray 11,500.00
12 U- 600 X 600 1.Cabinet Fan, 4.Way PDU,  1.Tray 18,000.00
12 U- 600 X 450 1.Cabinet Fan, 4.Way PDU,  1.Tray 14,000.00
18 U- 600 X 450 / Wall Mount 1.Cabinet Fan, 4.Way PDU,  1.Tray 21,000.00

The Data Cabinets come as fully enclosed- Front End glass door- Detachable Sides –Cable Entry a removable backplate, Top Opening for Fan Attachments

Starting with our 4U 300mm Deep data cabinets, these are ideal for small network installations. Storage of Network Equipment such as Ethernet Switches, CCTV DVRs or NVRs. Also, Routers and Much More.

6U – 9U Data Cabinets.  Start at 600 x 450; 450mm deep cabinets are compact in the design of these wall mounting cabinets. These Data Cabinets are ideal for smaller networks Installations and workgroups. 600 x 450 and 600 x 600

9U- 18U our 600mm has an increased rack depth, These Data Cabinets are ideal for mounting larger equipment. Their lightweight design means despite their size, they are suitable for mounting on almost any wall.

Each data rack includes 19″ mounting profiles and a lockable front glass door for additional security.

Simple Data Cabinets Buying Guide

Depending on your needs, Space, and equipment size, you can choose freestanding /floor-standing data racks that have rolling casters for easy relocation or movement around.

The height of cabinets is usually measured standardized units represented by Letter U each (U) unit is equal to 44.45 mm-(75 inches) – high;

Wall Mount Cabinets for small office Network Equipment storage 4U-15U. 4U Data Cabinet can fit under the desk.


Data Cabinets Store

KSh 8,500.00
KSh 32,000.00
KSh 41,400.00

Cabinet Fans

Big Cabinets Fans

KSh 1,500.00
KSh 19,000.00
KSh 14,000.00
KSh 2,000.00
KSh 33,000.00
KSh 81,000.00
KSh 101,000.00
KSh 17,000.00
KSh 11,000.00
KSh 6,500.00
KSh 48,000.00
KSh 6,300.00

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Wall-mount cabinets/racks are suitable for small business applications such as DVR for storing CCTV equipment, Ethernet switches, and simple routers or when extra security is paramount or where space is limited


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