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Networking Equipment Shop in kenya

Structured Cabling and Computer Networking Shop

Networking Equipment  For Data Cabling, Wireless /Wired Networks, Fiber Cabling  and Structured Cabling   Whether you’re building your own network for the first time or you’re repairing specific parts of your existing system, having the right computer networking products will make the whole process easier. At Tdk Solutions in Kenya, we deal in  structured cabling […]

9U Data Cabinets Prices in Kenya 600 x 450 | 600 x 600

TDK Data cabinets Kenya

9U Wall Mounted Data Cabinets For Networking Cabling organization and Storage TDK Solutions Limited 9U Wall Mount Data Cabinets Dimensions. 9U Data Cabinets Prices in Kenya 600 x 450 – 12, 500 9U Data Cabinets Prices in Kenya 600 x 600.– 15, 700 Te  9U Wall Mount Data Cabinet is manufactured to standard to be […]

Wall Mount and Floor Standing Data Cabinets

Data Cabinets and Structured Cabling

Best Data Cabinets Prices in Nairobi Kenya, and Structured  cabling Network Equipment Experts  Wall Mount Data cabinets are good for Small network Installation where Neatness is demanded and space is often a factor. Wall Mount Cabinet will save Floor space since they are mounted on walls, Network Cabinets secure and protect network equipment from dust, […]

Wall mounted data cabinets. 4U,6U,9U,12U

Wall Mount Data Cabinets Solutions

Wall Mount Data Cabinets  4U, 6U, 9U, 12U, 15U, 18U, Tronik Data Cabinets Solutions shop in Nairobi Kenya offers wall mount data cabinets   (Supplied with Glass Door, Shelf/ Data Cabinets trays  The data cabinet are stocked from top Structured cabling manufacturers such as Giganet, Extra Link, APS, EaseNet, Totten,  ACP and More Applications of Wall […]

Data Cabinets & Server Racks Shop in Nairobi Kenya

Data Cabinets Solutions In Kenya

Data Cabinets and Network Server Racks Prices in Kenya  At Tronik Kenya, we offer the best quality of Data Cabinets in Kenya. Our Offices are located in Nairobi Kenya. We offer onsite and Offsite Assembly and We deliver Throughout Kenya. Whether you need a small wall mounted data cabinet or a full specification Server Rack […]