9U Data Cabinets Prices in Kenya 600 x 450 | 600 x 600

TDK Data cabinets Kenya

9U Wall Mounted Data Cabinets For Networking Cabling organization and Storage

TDK Solutions Limited 9U Wall Mount Data Cabinets Dimensions.

9U Data Cabinets Prices in Kenya 600 x 450 – 12, 500

9U Data Cabinets Prices in Kenya 600 x 600.– 15, 700

Te  9U Wall Mount Data Cabinet is manufactured to standard to be compatible with all brands and provides the flexibility to hold desktop and 19″ rack-mount devices such as Routers and Switches and in the same unit.

The intelligent modular product design utilizes the vertical space effectively, with superior ventilation and excellent cable management.

Some of our 9U Wall cabinets have lockable perforated front or rear doors, lockable side access doors and are available as pre-assembled or flat packed upon request.

If you would like more details about a 9U Wall Moun Data Cabinet or additional accessories or simply require technical information about products in the Wall

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