Wall Mount and Floor Standing Data Cabinets

Data Cabinets and Structured Cabling

Best Data Cabinets Prices in Nairobi Kenya, and Structured  cabling Network Equipment Experts 

Wall Mount Data cabinets are good for Small network Installation where Neatness is demanded and space is often a factor.

Wall Mount Cabinet will save Floor space since they are mounted on walls, Network Cabinets secure and protect network equipment from dust, tampering, and other office accidents and hazards.

Most Popular Wall Mount Data Cabinets in Kenya and There Prices

Data Center Cabinets generally offer excellent cable Management, easy rear access with front glass door.  Both Floor standing and Mount Data Cabinets

The cabinet mounting rails offer extremely versatile options for a wide range of applications.

The Structured Cabling Data Cabinets provide an ideal mini telecommunications storage for small office network distribution.

Mount Network Cabinets cab be installed outside the building to store other Equipment such as CCTV DVR  or as consolidation points in open, unprotected spaces such as warehouses, retail facilities, and schools.

Tdk Data Cabinets shop offers EIA/ECA AND UL 60950-Compliant Wall Mount Cabinet is also ideal for zone cabling in intelligent building applications, passive optical networks, or wherever more expensive full-size cabinets are not required. It is compatible with Network Mounting Rail kits, rack-mount PDUs, shelves, and other accessories.

Floor-standing data cabinets for Server Rooms and Network Organization, and Structured Cabling

Floor Standing Data Cabinets offer a reliable solution for the storage of Networking Hardware and patching equipment. They are designed to offer robust installations suitable for use in IT departments and offices.

Open Frame and Glass Door 19” Data Cabinets

Each cabinet is available in various Configurations, Sizes, Dimensions, and Accessories, The


The 19″ data cabinets offer ventilated tops adjustable front and rear mounting posts. The glass doors and a lockable door for maximum access to the internal equipment, with cable access in the base for convenient routing of network cables.

The side panels can be fitted with cabinet locks. The cabinet frameworks are finished in black with a Perspex lockable Back Doors

These 19” floor standing cabinets incorporate the essential features for efficient data cabinets – security, durable construction, easy access and protection from dust or contamination for the network equipment.

Check out, Features Offered by data cabinets in structured Cabling.


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