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We deal in products from top brands such as cisco, Giganet, Siemon, D-Link, Tp-Link, and Ubiquiti  routers, Switches, Hubs, Transceivers, Media Converters, Cables,

We have an extensive catalog of Network Equipment such as access points, network adapters, Data, and Server Cabinets. Additionally, we stock other networking Accessories including data cabling accessories such as Ethernet Network Switches, Ethernet Patch-Cords, Category 6 Ethernet Cables   Fiber Optic cables, adapters, and Accessories Outdoor Fiber Cable,

Shop from our online networking shop.Tronik Kenya provides you ideal inventory  shop for all things network.  We deal in server racks, Cables, Fiber Cables Connectors,Switches, Routers and much more from top brands GSM and Modem gateways; we offer Reliable business grade 3G and 4G Broadband Routers with fixed SIM Cards and provide cost effective Pabx mobile internet and Wi-Fi connectivity for Small Businesses, Homes and Cafes. Other applications include remote CCTV, Energy, Remote Media or Building Management applications such as remote time attendance viewing. Our Brands; Huawei, ZTE, Giltel, Tp-Link Routers  A network router is the link between your home network and the internet. Routers are either wireless or wired a wired routers connect to internet via Ethernet cables.  Wireless routers enable you to connect to the internet so long as you are within their range; Smartphones, tablets, laptops and other portable devices Network bridges and Wireless Radios,Wireless access points, Repeaters and Range Extenders  Access points will enable you extend you network and convert a wired connection to wireless connection. Network bridges are gadgets like gaming consoles that come have a RJ45 network port to connect to a wireless network and bridges together a wireless network to these connected wired network devices. Networking LAN cables, Patch codes, Patch Panels, We have a wide range of Ethernet Networking Cables available at Tronik Kenya, Shop for Cat 6E Cables, Cat 5 Cables, Cat 6a LAN Cables, Cat 7 Cables, for both indoor and outdoor use, Our product catalog also covers POE adapters, Splitters and Injectors , Fiber Optic Equipment ,Patch Cords and Patch Panels, Media Converters, Data Cabinets, Server Racks and Much more. Networking tools are essential pieces of equipment in the creation and management of networks. We will supply a large number of different network tools including crimp, punch down and stripping/cutting tools. Testing however is also an important element in network.